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Grilled Figs with Prosciutto and Goat Cheese

  • 10 fresh large figs

  • 10 thin slices of prosciutto, cut in half horizontally

  • Goat Cheese

  • Emily G’s Fig Pomegranate Jam

  • 1 T. minced parsley

In a small dish, microwave 1⁄4 cup of jam for about 20 seconds and whisk to loosen it up. Cut figs in half. Place about 1⁄2 teaspoon of goat cheese in the center of each half. Wrap the fig half in prosciutto. Brush with Emily G’s Fig Pomegranate Jam and chill until ready to grill. Preheat the grill on medium high and brush a little canola oil on the grate to prevent sticking. Place figs on grill for 3-5 minutes, or until crisp and goat cheese is melting. No need to flip - just plate, drizzle with warm jam, sprinkle with parsley and serve

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